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Guaranteed Warranty

Guaranteed Warranty

Many warranties can sound like strong coverage until your turbo fails. Then someone has to determine the cause of failure. That's when you find out if you really have a warranty. Under our Guaranteed Warranty program, if any failure occurs within 12 months of purchase, your turbo is repaired or replaced at no charge, regardless of failure!

Our Guaranteed Warranty program for turbochargers is your assurance of the best quality and the best resource for your engine's turbocharger needs. We specialize in turbochargers and fuel systems and know them inside out! The value this has to you is that professional equipment operators view our company as an extension of their equipment maintenance department.

Did you know that over 80% of all turbocharger failures are caused by conditions that are not covered under typical warranties by manufacturers? These failures include, Foreign Object Damage, Contaminated Lube Oil, Lack of Lubrication, and High Exhaust Temperatures. These conditions are clearly not the fault of the material and workmanship of the turbocharger. But with Guaranteed Warranty, you're covered!

We view our relationships with customers as a partnership for equipment maintenance. This means we use our expertise to provide you with valuable feedback as to why your turbocharger failed. This is something few companies are trained to do. We put this knowledge to good use by providing you, the equipment owner, with information relating to why your turbocharger failed so you can avoid a repeat. When our customers experience a turbocharger failure, we perform a complete disassembly and failure analysis report and provide that to you, No Charge!

The turbocharger becomes the heart of the engine it's applied to. It sees all of the engine's exhaust, intake air, and runs the lubricating oil through a precision bearing system. Failure analysis feedback on a turbocharger gives equipment maintenance professionals a leg-up on knowing what's going on inside their engines.

Experience the advantage of having professional turbocharger specialists on your side, and knowing no matter what the cause of failure, on the first event, you've got Warranty, . . . Guaranteed!

Call now or talk to your local sales representative to find our how you can participate in the Guaranteed Warranty Program.

Continue Reading, download the Guaranteed Warranty Brochure Now!

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