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Failure Analysis, Predictive Failure Analysis

Parts fail, it's a common issue with all mechanical applications after years of wear. That's why the Diesel USA Group of companies provides full service of failure analysis, to help you determine why your part failed.

Without knowing why your part failed you could end up in a cycle of component failures and re-occuring issues. With our failure analysis service we can help you find the cause of the failure and help you get it fixed the first time.

Predictive Failure Analysis

Utilizing state-of-the-art equipment and years of technical expertise our company is now providing our Predictive Failure Analysis to help companies develop better maintenance routines for their fleets or service vehicles.

The purpose of our new service is to provide a “best effort” judgment relative to how close to failure a diesel component may be. Utilizing this crucial information fleets or service garages may better formalate their maintenance schedules and lessen their future downtime.

We invite you today to take adavantage of our diagnostic services whether on or off the vehicle. Just ask our knowledgeable customer service representatives, they can help you decide whether diagnostics are the right choice for you.

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