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Having information at your fingertips is what the internet is all about. Having product information about the product you need before you purchase it is vital to any customer, and that is precisely what the Diesel USA Group is attempting to do. We believe our customers should be informed before they buy, and below is just that, product information about some of our biggest products.

Please keep in mind that while we try to provide the most up-to-date information possible, some of items listed below may be dated. It's always best to check out the manufacturer's website for more updated information.

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Alliant Power:

  1. Alliant Power, Dodge / Cummins Applications, Catalog
  2. Alliant Power, Ford Applications, Catalog
  3. Alliant Power, GM Applications, Catalog
  4. Alliant Power, Isuzu Applications, Catalog
  5. Alliant Power, Navistar Applications, Catalog
  6. Alliant Power, Sprinter/Jeep Applications, Catalog
  7. Alliant Power, John Deere Applications, Catalog

Av-tekk Charge-Air Coolers:

  1. Av-tekk Charge-Air Coolers, Product Literature
  2. Quick Check by Av-tekk, Leak Test Kit Instructions, Product Guide
  3. Av-tekk Product Information, Website


  1. Bosch, Denoxtronic 2.2 SCR System for Heavy Commercial and Off-Highway Vehicles, Product Literature
  2. Bosch, Universal Alternators, Application Guide
  3. Bosch, SCR System for Heavy Commercial and Off-Highway Vehicles, Product Literature
  4. Bosch, SCR System for Passenger Cars and Light Commercial Vehicles, Product Literature
  5. Bosch, Refrigeration Alternators & Starters, Application Guide
  6. Bosch, 12V Industrial Starters, Application Guide
  7. Bosch, Navistar School Bus Alternators, Application Guide
  8. Bosch, Light Duty Oil Filters, Application Guide
  9. Bosch, Injectors for Detroit Diesel, Application Guide
  10. Bosch, Remanufactured Injectors for Detroit Diesel, Application Guide
  11. Bosch Long Haul Alternators, Product Literature
  12. Bosch, Long Haul Starters & Alternators, Catalog
  13. Bosch, Ford Super Duty 6.7L Injectors & Pumps, Application Guide
  14. Bosch Product Information, Website

Cardinal Parts:

  1. Cardinal Reman, IFS Products, Product Literature
  2. Cardinal Reman, Mack E7 Series EUPs, Product Literature
  3. Cardinal Parts Product Information, Website

Delco Remy:

  1. Delco Remy Heavy Duty, Catalog
  2. Delco Remy Product Information, Website


  1. Delphi All Makes Fuel Injectors, Product Literature
  2. Delphi Reman ISX Injectors, Product Literature
  3. Delphi Product Information, Website


  1. Denso R5 Starters, Product Literature
  2. Denso Product Information, Website

Diesel USA Group:

  1. Diesel USA Products, Linecard
  2. Sprinter Replacement Parts from Diesel USA, Product Literature
  3. Diesel USA Heavy Duty Turbochargers, Linecard
  4. Diesel USA - Genuine Auto and Truck Turbos, Product Literature
  5. Diesel USA Group, DPF Catalog


  1. Fleetguard Medium and Heavy Duty Products, Catalog
  2. Fleetguard Product Information, Website


  1. DPFXFIT DPF Flyer, Product Literature
  2. DPFXFIT Product Information, Website


  1. Diesel USA Group, DPF Catalog
  2. Durafit Product Information, Website

Garrett Advancing Motion:

  1. Garrett, Genuine Product Benefits, Product Literature
  2. Garrett, EcoBoost Turbo Service Replacements, Product Literature
  3. Garrett, Chevy Cruze and other Fam0 Engine Turbocharger Replacement, Product Literature
  4. Garrett, Severe Duty Turbo for Sprinter Applications, Product Literature
  5. Garrett, Intercooler Upgrade for EcoBoost Mustang, Product Literature
  6. Garrett, Performance Turbochargers, Catalog
  7. Garrett, Series 60 Turbochargers, Product Literature
  8. Garrett Product Information, Website


  1. Grizzly Engine Solutions, Product Catalog
  2. Grizzly GA614N, Product Literature
  3. Grizzly Product Information, Website


  1. Holset Genuine ISX / ISM Turbochargers, Product Literature
  2. Holset Product Information, Website

Mass Flo Engineering:

  1. MFE Super Scorpion and Tune, Product Literature
  2. MFE Product Information, Website


  1. Mopar | Cummins Fuel Injectors, Product Literature
  2. Mopar 6.7L Engine Parts and Gaskets, Product Literature
  3. Mopar - Cummins Engine Replacements, Product Literature
  4. Mopar Product Information, Website

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